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* denotes equal contribution


15. Obstructed swelling and fracture of hydrogels, A. Plummes*, C. Adkins*, JF. Louf, A. Kosmrlj, and S.S. Datta. Soft Matter


14. Unidirectional freezing of polymer solution droplets, S.P. Kharal and JF. Louf. Langmuir

13. Effect of confinement on the mechanics of a swelling hydrogel bead, J. Chatainya, M. Giso, JF. Louf, S.S. Datta, and T.J. Atherton. Soft Matter


12. Poroelastic plant-inspired structures & materials to sense, regulate flow, and move, JF. Louf and S.M. Alexander. Bioinspiration & Biomimetics

11. Microbial narrow-escape is facilitated by wall interactions, M. Souzy*, A. Allard*, JF. Louf, M. Contino, I. Tuval, and M. Polin. Physical Review Research

Before joining Auburn University


10. Poroelastic shape relaxation of hydrogel particles, JF. Louf and S.S. Datta. Soft Matter

9. Under pressure: Hydrogel swelling in a granular medium, JF. Louf, N.B. Lu, M.G. O’Connell, H.J. Cho, and S.S. Datta. Science Advances, press release


8. Elasto-capillary network model of inhalation, JF. Louf*, F. Kratz*, and S.S. Datta. Physical Review Research

7. Bending and Stretching of Soft Pores Enable Passive Control of Fluid Flow, JF. Louf, J. Knoblauch, and K.H. Jensen. Physical Review Letters


6. Drying of channels by evaporation through a permeable medium, B. Dollet, JF. Louf, M. Alonzo, K.H. Jensen, and P. Marmottant. JRS. Interface


5. How wind drives the correlation between leaf shape and mechanical properties, JF. Louf, L. Nelson, H. Kang, P. Ntoh Song, T. Zenhbauer and S. Jung. Scientific Reports

4. Imbibition in plant seeds, JF. Louf*, Y. Zheng*, A. Kumar, T. Bohr, C. Gundlach, J. Harholt, H.F. Poulsen, and K.H. Jensen. Physical Review E

3. Ripple dynamics of water entry after pinch off, JF. Louf, A. Mituniewicz, B. Chang, J. Eshraghi, P. Vlachos and S. Jung. Journal of Fluids Mechanics

2. Hovering Microswimmers Exhibit Ultra-Fast Motion to Navigate under Acoustic Forces, JF. Louf, N. Bertin, B. Dollet, O. Stephan and P. Marmottant. Advanced Materials Interfaces


1. Universal poroelastic mechanism for hydraulic signals in biomimetic and natural branches, JF. Louf, G. Guéna, É. Badel and Y. Forterre. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, press release

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